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Narrative Intelligence™
The #1 determinant of success

At Storied, we're on a mission to turn tech leaders into master storytellers.

We serve mid-career leaders caught in the messy middle, who are looking to level-up their role, contribution, and impact in response exponential change. 

In an AI-driven future, your ability to story tell — i.e., write, speak, and convey your ideas —what we call Narrative Intelligence ™, is fast becoming one the driving levers of career acceleration.

Embedded in Storied inside-out approach is helping leaders unlock their people skills, power skills, and persuasion skills. Demonstrated at a mastery level via clarity, compassion, and conviction. 

We are 20 years into a 50-year project, to establish Narrative Intelligence ™  as a leadership and organizational best practice. During this time, we’ve published books, hosted conferences, facilitated public workshops, produced online courses, catalyzed community, and evangelized the global storytelling movement. 

We help companies to build storytelling as an organizational capability. From keynote and trainings to advisory services for top executives that have to deliver on ambitious and oversized expectations.

After two decades working deep inside Google, Meta, Uber, and 300+ organizations, we are now productizing the IP and democratizing our methods. In addition to our top-rated courses on Maven, we are building Storied OS - an operating system with principles, practices, application for your career acceleration. 

Words are the new code. AI is fundamentally redefining the future of work. We want to help you build your Platform of Opportunity to thrive and succeed in a changing world.

 - Michael

Everybody has a story. Everybody has a story worth telling.  

Join the Global Storytelling (R)evolution

Storied is a community for forward-thinkers that are building the future. Since 2002, we've taught our advanced storytelling methods to tens of thousands across 1,200 organizations, 42 industries, and 37 countries. 

We attract a diverse community of mid-career leaders from product and design, to data science, sales and marketing, HR, to change and innovation. Anyone looking to create a better reality. 

Hey, I'm Michael Margolis


Founder & Chief Storyteller 

I want to help you take charge of your story!

Our programs accelerate your career, and the ability to get executive buy-in, communicate your value, lead change, and get agreement with any stakeholder audience. We teach you how to "think in narrative": a first-principles approach to dealing with complexity and exponential change. 

The son of a mad-scientist and teacher, I'm obsessed with how to translate new ideas into cultural acceptance. I'm an original thinker, storytelling philosopher, and empirical scientist, having tested my work across 300+ organizations.

I've advised organizations including Meta, Google, Shopify, Genentech, NASA, and Change.org 
on some of their most ambitious big bets and initiatives. For years, I was an executive ghostwriter to leadership teams in Silicon Valley, crafting their strategic narratives
— the more complex, technical, and challenging, the better. My work has sold billion dollar initiatives, increased adoption of 100Ms of users, and helped deliver on the promise of growth and transformation.

Over two decades, I've pioneered and tinkered with a new approach to storytelling: that we call Narrative Intelligence™. In 2023, with AI disruption, it become time to productize our IP and democratize the methods. I’m left-handed, color-blind, and eat more chocolate than the average human.

Headshot of Storied's founder, Michael Margolis
Advisor to 15 product divisions since 2015
Faculty for UX Design Leadership Program

Best-selling author of two books

Headshot of Storied's VP of community, Jodi Bepler

Jodi Bepler

VP of Community


A solutions architect with 15+ years experience in business storytelling. and operational expert with over 18 years of experience working closely with CEOs, shaping corporate strategy, running business operations, and setting org-wide KPIs and OKRs. Currently, I lead the sales/marketing, and product teams at Storied, Inc., a company that helps organizations and leaders craft and communicate their stories to inspire action and change.

My core competencies include project planning, sales, and client relations, which I have honed through a variety of engagements for clients such as AT&T, Facebook, Google, Verizon, Bloomberg, Hulu, Amex, SAP, and many others. I am passionate about creating meaning and value for employees and customers, and I have a certification in Creating Meaning for Employees from Alison. My mission is to empower businesses to achieve peak performance and impact through the power of storytelling.

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Sandra Wells

Senior Advisor

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Lee Kosmac

Learning Consultant

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Mia Tagano

Story Coach

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Eva Manole

Learning Consultant

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Joe Makston

Learning Consultant

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Courtney Hohne

Learning Consultant

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Kent Frazier

Learning Consultant

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Gianluca Ravanelli

Learning Consultant

"If you're not telling the story, someone else is telling it for you."


Michael Margolis