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Narrative is the highest intangible ROI skill you can learn ✨ 

Storytelling is not just ‘a soft-skill’ or a ‘nice to have.’ It's a core capability of leadership. It’s what you need if you’re trying to get buy-in, investment, or shared action on anything. It’s the #1 competency required to advance to a C-suite, VP, or Director role. Or how to build an Opportunity platform with optionality to navigate the new world of work. 

No story is a straight line, and your career path isn't either. 

If you're (A) a fast-track leader in a demanding role, (B) a mid-career manager who wants to level up, or (C) an expert that needs to convey your value, we're here to help. The exponential rate of change is breaking the old ways of working. If you're working in a highly-matrixed environment, its getting harder to have the impact you desire. Whether you work in product, design, data, AI, marketing, sales, people, quality, trust, security, innovation, change...or you're a founder, a consultant, or change-maker...we've got your covered. 

Get ahead of the curve of AI disruption. ✨


What Storied Can Do For You 

Storied has proven methods to build your Power, Persuasion, and People skills. Our online storytelling courses accelerate your career, and ability to get executive buy-in, communicate your value, lead change, and get agreement with any stakeholder audience.

We help execs and companies that want to build storytelling as an organizational capability, with speaking, advisory, and scaled L&D solutions. After two decades advising, training and working deep inside Google, Meta, Shopify, and 300+ organizations, we are now productizing the IP and democratizing our storytelling methods. 

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Online learning cohorts that turn you into a persuasive, inspiring and influential communicator. 

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Top-rated keynotes and trainings for teams that want to build storytelling as an organizational capability. 

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1-on-1 advisory with Michael Margolis for your complex strategic narrative needs ($$$, buy-in, change).

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Narrative Intelligence™:
The #1 most important yet underdeveloped superpower.

We believe the #1 determinant of success, is the story you tell yourself. In an AI-driven future, your ability to storytell — i.e. to write, speak, and convey your ideas —what we call Narrative Intelligence ™, is fast becoming one of the driving levers of career acceleration.

Our approach to narrative is a bit different than 99% of the storytelling books, training, and conventional wisdom.

Embedded in our inside-out approach is helping you as a leader to unlock your Power Skills | Persuasion Skills | People Skills.

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Our Most Popular Courses

Level up your storytelling. Level up your career.


Leader’s Playbook - 5 Week Sprint

Master narrative influence. Accelerate a high-stakes project in 5 weeks.

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1 Slide Narrative Method

Craft a 1-Slide Narrative that Gets You Instant Buy-in & Credibility 

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Credibility as Currency

Apply a proven storytelling method that positions you as a forward-thinking authority

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Why Upgrade Your Storytelling?

Influence is the defining factor to your career acceleration.

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Convey the value of what you do (at individual, team, and corp level)

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Up-level your persuasion and unblock analysis paralysis

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Get people leaning-in and listening to your recommendations

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Make the future undeniable, irresistible, and irrefutable

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Provide context because the numbers never speak for themself.

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Create clarity, alignment, and confidence in execution

What Our Clients Say

Michael Margolis


Founder & Chief Storyteller 

  • Advisor to Meta and Google since 2016
  • Taught narrative to 1,000s of tech leaders
  • Consulted to 300+ client orgs & execs
  • Written 2 books: most recently Story 10x
  • Delivered 500+ talks over 20 years
  • Trained as a cultural anthropologist
  • Buddhist and student of the dharma
  • In the past year: beat cancer + a new dad
Advisor to 15 product divisions since 2015
Faculty for UX Design Leadership Program
Best-selling author of two books
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