Who We Are

Get Storied is one of the most experienced training and advisory companies devoted to transformational storytelling.

We offer inspiring keynotes, workshops, consulting, and online programs for humanizing communications.

Based in NYC, we serve CEOs and CMOs with a big and important story to tell. We work with a wide range of leading Fortune 500s, mid-cap companies, and visionary nonprofits. Our portfolio of clients include Ariba, Audubon, Bloomberg, California State Library, PwC, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, SustainAbility, and Zappos to name a few.

When the context changes, you have to change your story to match the context. That’s why so many organizations are in the midst of reinvention and adaptation. You want to be on the leading edge of the shifts that are redefining your sector and humanizing your business. You need to change how the world sees you. Consider our proven yet counter-intuitive approach.

As storytelling architects, we help clients accelerate their efforts around marketing, innovation, and culture creation. As a global learning company, we have taught thousands how to deepen their narrative intelligence. We lead dozens of workshops every year and publish an extensive stream of online content and resources. Whether you’re dealing with issues of perception, relevance, or idea adoption, your story determines your future.

The Get Storied team includes a diversity of perspectives. Anthropologist, entrepreneur, innovation designer, cross-platform storyteller, and congregational minister are just some of our storied paths. In addition to our core team, we collaborate with an expansive network of partners that represent our creative community. Based in NYC, we have the ability to match the right world-class talent with the right world-changing project. When you work with us, we open new worlds to you.

What We Do

We work at the intersection of innovation design, storytelling architecture, and anthropology. If you are looking to drive growth and embrace the humanization of business, we have extensive experience to share and collaborate with you.

As trusted advisors, we provide the following value:

  • Architecture your story for heightened receptivity and engagement
  • Accelerate your ability to innovate and execute by aligning the culture
  • Translate vision or strategy into a story everyone can embrace
  • Redefine your brand and/or shift how key audiences perceive you
  • Ensure that a high-stakes initiative doesn’t get lost in translation

Get Storied is devoted to the most important stories of our time – cultural inflection points where change is inevitable. We consult selectively to organizations with a game-changing agenda. And we teach dozens of workshops that turn storytelling into a skill and mindset for executives, marketers, and change-makers. In simple terms, we build your organizational capability for storytelling.

It all started in 2009 with our storytelling manifesto, Believe Me, a book enjoyed by over 15,000 fans around the world. We’ve created Story University as an online learning platform with curriculum for changemakers. Our latest program, The New About Me, teaches how to talk about yourself and tell your story online (your bio, About page, personal brand). We also produce the Reinvention Summit: Storytelling’s Biggest Online Conference with 50 of the world’s leading storytelling experts. Start by downloading our Storytelling Manifesto by clicking below.