What is Story Blogging?

My friend/colleague Kathy Hansen asks:

“How do you define “story blogging” and how does it align with “personal musing[s], stream of consciousness idea[s]?”

What a great prompt in response to my last blog post. While the 12-week story blogging challenge will try to demonstrate what I mean, let me begin by sharing some initial thoughts.

Let me provide a starting definition:

For me story is more than just performance/telling/anecdotes. Story is about relationship; who am I; where do I belong; what is mine to do?

Story blogging is about bringing people into one’s world through conversation and dialogue. It begins by seeking to map, explore, and understand convergence and context. I stand at the unique intersection of many worlds. I’ll be sharing many of these musings and reflections in real time.

Remember, I make my living “selling ideas”, which means my survival depends on translating and packaging insights from the crossroads. Increasingly, we’re all making our living “selling ideas.” And if you’re not convinced, consider the last time you went out on a date or had a job interview. Getting people to believe in your story – is the ultimate task we all face.

Story blogging. There’s a quick recipe I’m playing with:

  1. Passion – this is the fuel and motivation that lights the fire. If it doesn’t excite me and give me energy, how I can possibly expect to do the same for you?
  2. Perspective – point of view is what gives it all distinctive flavor. The same reason why FOX NEWS and MSNBC are succeeding, and CNN is flailing.
  3. Relevance – discussing issues, questions, and challenges that others can relate to – that’s what makes the whole meal easy to digest, puts a smile on people’s faces, and encourages people to come back.
  4. Nourishment – is what I’m trying to create through my story blogging. Provide meaningful, playful, and generative contribution into readers’ lives.

Don’t forget the secret sauce – the unique taste of a place.

As I like to say, you can’t own your market, but you can own your story.  Nobody can quite imitate or exactly copy your special sauce. So instead of guarding the ketchup packets like you’re McDonalds, spread your mojo sauce around liberally. It’s the crack-aliciousness of your unique self, that’s what gets them clamoring for more.

For me, that special mojo is rooted in a path of heart, and letting myself put more of that heart out front and center. It’s the perfect foil for my more rambunctious side and truth-saying tendencies. Let’s be honest, I’ve always liked to push the boundaries and be a provocateur. Except, I’ve also been afraid to show too many people my true colors, or perhaps I was even afraid of my own power (lest I abuse that power). So there you have it – my razor’s edge. How can I provoke deep insight and action while not denigrating or putting people down? Maybe you can relate? That’s why I published my storytelling manifesto for change-makers last fall, to finally tell my story, on my own terms.

Let’s be honest, It’s rather liberating to step into this 12-week blog exercise. Because as long as I speak from my core, stay genuine, and don’t drone on for too long, I can say anything I want. How’s that for a no-fail mission? In the process, I’ll (1) clarify some of the principles of story blogging, (2) reveal more of my true self, and ultimately (3) invite YOU – my community of readers into a deeper relationship with Get Storied.

The timing is rather perfect, since Get Storied is dramatically evolving, and I’m teaching this big course I keep telling you about – starting tomorrow. Regardless, this 12-week challenge is a chance for you to engage with me in the storytelling process — from the inside out. As a member of the tribe, you will start to see your role and place in the bigger story.

Your turn: How do you relate to the process of story blogging? Please share your own musings, thoughts and questions in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “What is Story Blogging?”

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  2. I love your concept of story blogging and I can totally relate to that razor's edge between bearing your heart and soul and telling the truth…and how the two work so deliciously together. In a conversation with our dear mutual friend Laura this morning I was abloe to articulate that I teach best through stories from my own life that relate to larger spiritual, metaphysical, or just general life lessons. The way you articulated story blogging helps me realize that this is exactly the technique I've been using without even knowing it. As they say, facts tell, stories sell…so the best way to package an idea that we're trying to sell, and really anything tangible or intangible, is in the context of a story. Keep up the great work Michael and I know we'll get together in person one of these days…


  3. Right on Kate! That's totally my point. All of us are already doing it…telling a story. There's great power in becoming conscious of the process, and what kind of story you're telling yourself, much less the world. From this perspective, social media can totally be a path towards self-awareness. Excited to catch up with you and Laura.

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