Video Interview: Dr. Mrim Boutla on Career Storytelling

The New Storytellers: Dr. Mrim Boutla

In this latest installment of The New Storytellers, Michael talks 1-on-1 with Dr. Mrim Boutla, a brain scientist turned career coach. The interview covers inspiring territory in the areas of job search, storytelling, and more meaningful work.

Mrim Boutla has successfully coached hundreds of liberal arts graduates, MBA students and PhD candidates interested in pursuing careers that successfully blend financial return with social impact and environmental responsibility. By combining her 10 years of studying how the brain works with her in depth knowledge of career planning, career switching strategies and job search techniques, Mrim has developed proven process that will empower you to build your responsible career with your brain in mind.

What You’ll Learn in This Podcast

Career search strategies from a storytelling and brain science perspective:

  • Why it’s so easy to get overwhelmed in the job search process (based on brain science)
  • How to give friends and colleagues a role in your career prospecting story
  • How to map your passions and interests from a fresh story perspective

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