Join our Research Study on “About” Pages

The “About” Page is often the first place people visit on your website. This is where people naturally go to decide if they like you, trust you, and want to do business with you. It’s also one of the hardest pages to write — because you have to talk about yourself.

Despite the obvious importance, there’s no aggregate data on “About” pages. The information from this study can inform how you best optimize an “About” page to engage your audience and build your tribe. This translates to attracting more customers, enhanced thought leadership, and better opportunities for your business.

We want to learn what’s really at stake for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and online businesses (anyone who’s using the web to express their ideas and make their living).

You can contribute to the Internet’s first research survey on this topic.

What Do We Want to Learn From This?

We’re producing a research study on “About” Pages, to measure the traffic, influence, and effectiveness of your brand story. This survey is designed to identify key trends and leading strategies for how you can better represent yourself online.

We want to determine:

  • What works, what doesn’t work, and what you can do about it
  • The relative importance of your “About” Page and story
  • How much traffic/attention this one page generates
  • What are the secrets to making this page connect and convert
  • Best-practice strategies from survey respondents

Who is This Survey For?

This survey is for anyone who has a website who’s interested in engaging and inspiring their audience even further. This includes bloggers, marketers, web publishers, and anyone who’s building a web presence.

  • If you have a website with over 1,000/visitors a month – we ask for just a little bit of data from Google Analytics.
  • If you have a website with less traffic – you can still complete the survey, minus the Google Analytics data.

All data collected remains aggregate and confidential. The survey takes just 7-10 minutes to complete, max.

What You Get in Return

We are producing this survey in support of the commons. We also want to help frame a larger conversation on how to better represent yourself online.

As a respondent, you receive:

  • Quick tips on how to optimize your “About” page and story
  • An advanced draft of the research results before anyone else in the world.
  • Exclusive webinar invite to debrief survey findings and discuss your actionable take-aways.
  • Opportunity to have your best practice insights featured in the survey findings.
  • Option to have your name/website profiled (you can also opt to stay anonymous).

Supporters of This Survey

This survey is a collaborative effort from leading voices across the web. The survey is commissioned by Get Storied, a leading destination online for the business of storytelling. We’re fascinated with how people construct their identity online, build thought leadership, and get their story to spread.

Supporting partners include BlogWorld, CopyBlogger, and Social Media Club. Other individuals include Liz Strauss, CC Chapman, Marie Forleo and Sean Malarkey. Huge credit to Nick Reese for inspiring and guiding this project .

Contribute your voice to this groundbreaking study. Take the survey.