Interview: Jerry Michalski on The Relationship Economy 6.8.10

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This Episode’s Topic:

What is the Relationship Economy?

Despite a world of infinite knowledge and possibilities, it feels increasingly harder to make sense of all this information. How do we organize and navigate across this evolving landscape — when the old maps and mental models seem obsolete? Thankfully, we have the mind and insights of Jerry Michalski to help guide the way, as our sherpa and upcoming guest on The New Storytellers, Tuesday, June 8 at 1pm EDT. Register here.

Michalski is a wayfinder, thinker, and curator of the highest order. From the world of technology, big ideas and information architecture, Jerry brings a wide perspective to this important conversation.

Quoting from Jerry’s website:

“Point of view is worth 80 IQ points,” Alan Kay tells us, highlighting how important it is to choose your frame of reference well. Is this the Information Age? The Knowledge Economy? The Attention Economy? The Experience Economy? One of the dominant traits of all these models is scarcity. Companies that have the best information or the most attention supposedly win.

Let me propose instead that the surge in openness and connectivity has created a world of abundance. Want to look something up in an encyclopedia? Use the free Wikipedia. Need to find a specialist in packaged-goods logistics? All their resumes are on LinkedIn.

Abundance changes the basic rules, making hoarding and secrecy much less interesting than generosity and transparency. In such a world, whom you trust and who trusts you are primary assets. You’ll choose the product (or vote for the candidate) that people you trust recommend, from among the abundant choices. This is the Relationship Economy, and we’ll be exploring it together.

About Jerry Michalski

Jerry Michalski (ma-call-ski) is the founder of REX, the Relationship Economy eXpedition, a private, collaborative inquiry into the next economy. More broadly, he is a pattern finder, lateral thinker, Gladwellian connector, facilitator and explorer of the interactions between technology, society and business.

From 1987 to 1998, Jerry was a technology analyst, first at New Science Associates, then as Managing Editor of Esther Dyson’s monthly tech newsletter Release 1.0, as well as co-host of her annual conference, PC Forum. He was fortunate to be on duty when the Internet showed up.

Jerry works with companies such as Best Buy and Havas Media as well as non-profits such as EDF and the Institute for the Future. He’s been widely quoted in the major media and greatly enjoys public speaking. He also acts as a technology advisor to startups, ranging from Twine and CoTweet (acquired by ExactTarget) to EverNote, TheBrain, Socialtext and Seedwiki. During the dot-boom days, Jerry was an advisor to eGroups (now YahooGroups) and Pyra (now Blogger, part of Google).

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  2. Q: Jerry delineated the “for-profit and non-profit” landscape, but is there now more? Is the B-CORPORATION the evolution of a space between those two Capitalism v2.0 markers?

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