The Future of Libraries

What is the role and value of libraries in a world of infinite knowledge?

Get Storied is deeply committed to articulating the future vision story of public libraries. Libraries as a starting place, a gathering hub, a learning laboratory, a digital access center, and a community asset for finding whatever you’re looking for next in your life.  

Our Library Work to Date

Our work to date has been at the state and national-level with focused work in California, Pennsylvania, and a recent keynote at the American Library Association. We are currently extending our work into other states as well.

For California’s State Librarian, we developed a Story Map that demystifies how public libraries are innovating to meet changing user needs. We also led multiple working group and large-scale trainings for library directors designed to teach storytelling, visioning, and community-building principles for public libraries.

If you are interested in how Get Storied could help your public library system tell a bigger story, drop us a note.

Explore our Library Story Work

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