Interview: Desda Zuckerman and Your Soul’s Bigger Story

In this latest installment of The New Storytellers, I talk 1-on-1 with Desda Zuckerman, a lifelong seeker of the esoteric mysteries. Her study of the subtle energy she witnesses around all living things has lead to the founding of Core Individuation, an intentional healing modality and the mapping of sacred human anatomy. If you are a seeker who wants to accelerate your power, presence, and heart — this is the real deal.

Interview: Grant McCracken – 04/13/10

Join me Tuesday, April 13 at 1pm EST/10am PST for the next episode of The New Storytellers. My guest will be Grant McCracken, business anthropologist, and author of Chief Culture Officer. Grant and I will be exploring the intimate connection between culture and storytelling, and its implications for brand marketers and innovators alike. Grant is a true sage of perspective on the evolving currents of 21st century culture.

Podcast: Future of Storytelling & Society

Join me today for the premiere episode of The New Storytellers! A new interview dialogue series hosted by me, Michael Margolis. In today’s episode I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the evolution of storytelling, and its implications on the process of change-making, innovation, and cultural renewal. And sharing some reflections on my own storied path and continued learnings.