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If you’re trying to influence, inspire or convince others to believe in your message, you need to read this book.

Are you a change-maker? An innovator? A leader with a big vision or plan?

To get others to see what you see—whatever that may be, you need to understand storytelling, and how it can make or break your brand or mission.

Humans are hardwired to seek and make sense of the world through narratives. In fact, 70% of everything we learn is through stories.

If you want others to care, believe, and act on what’s most important, you have to share the stories that resonate and motivate. With the right stories, you can achieve lasting change in your company or community. Isn’t it time you told a bigger story?

If you want to change the world, change your story. Download the book.

Like what you’ve read? Review the book.

Believe Me presents 15 storytelling axioms that will shift how you think about the world.

In this quick and provocative read, you’ll explore a new mindset for better relating to others in the digital age. It’s designed to provoke, inspire, and get you thinking in a more expansive manner. And on the way, you’ll find the bigger story you’re meant to tell.

The storytelling axioms in Believe Me are time-tested principles for making real and lasting change.

Each axiom is supported by examples and inspiring quotes from recognized luminaries, including: Barack Obama, Seth Godin, Gloria Steinem, Tom Peters, and Joseph Campbell. Believe Me will give you the knowledge you need to create change at the deepest levels. You’ll learn:

  • What people really buy (hint: it’s not the product, service, or idea you’re selling)
  • What causes the power of your story to grow exponentially
  • What do stories from all great leaders have in common

Believe us: You’ll never look at storytelling and innovation the same. Download it here.

Here’s what people are saying about the book:

For anyone trying to get their audience to own the story, read this book! Believe Me reminds us that real lasting engagement requires a much, much bigger story. Margolis reframes the conversation of social transformation in a very refreshing manner that will be useful to any leader doing something meaningful to create change in their organizations or communities.

– Judy Braus, SVP, Education & Centers, National Audubon Society

In Believe Me, Margolis describes the many factors reshaping the rules of business. If you want to excel as a leader of tomorrow, storytelling is a core thinking skill you can’t afford to miss. This short little manifesto is an awesome and provocative addition to any business school curriculum.

– Paul Dillon, Mgr. of Learning Strategies, Schulich Executive Education Centre

Reading the book Believe Me offers you a guided tour through the world of your business, customers, or personal life in a way that makes existing stories pop out for you to see. Once you map the stories that exist, then your talent for storytelling, our ‘most basic technology’ will be spirited along with Margolis’ guidance and suggestions.

– Annette Simmons, Author, The Story Factor, and Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins



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  2. I had to say hi to you because great minds think alike. I loved your content and style in the embedded video. And then there is the slide with the who are you question with a picture saying I am? And I have used the same picture for the same question in my presentations. Now, what is the probability of that? I think we are both very cool to have chosen that question – who am I and the accompanying picture. So there!

  3. What a great book! A small, quick read, but one that really gets you to stop and think- and then take action to tell your story, to re-shape your story, to find your story. No matter where you are in the story discovery process, this book will help you on your journey. Thanks Michael!

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