Storytelling and the Creative Process

The New Storytellers: Michelle James

“Storytelling and the Creative Process: Imaginative Ways to bring your Story to Life”

Creativity and storytelling are like Oreos and milk – separate, they’re nice, but together they’re magic. When it comes to telling our own story, so much of what we accept as reality is just the habitual stories we tell ourselves. To articulate a new vision, you need a new story.

Coining that new story depends on your ability to tap into those creative juices and dig in to who you are. Really, the story has been there all along – you’ve just been too entrenched in it to see it! Learning how to reframe and tell your story in a creative, engaging way is crucial to creating a deeper connection with your audience. If something in your story hasn’t quite clicked yet, this could be the piece you’ve been missing.

The recording of this Podcast was found to have some technical issues, and is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In This Podcast

Michael and his dear friend and visionary, Michelle James from The Center of Creative Emergence discussed:

  • The intersection of creativity and storytelling
  • The 4 pillars of creative integration
  • Creativity principles and practices for cultivating your new stories
  • Creating a new vision for yourself or your business

Michelle James has been pioneering Applied Creativity, Storytelling and Improvisation in business in the Washington, DC area for over 15 years. She is CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence and founder of the Capitol Creativity Network – an Applied Creativity community hub since 2003. Her mission is to integrate the worlds of creativity, service, meaning and commerce, and cultivate whole brain, whole-person engagement in the workplace. In 2009, she was recognized for Visionary Leadership in Fast Company’s blog, Leading Change, for “her commitment to bring creative expression into the work environment in a very deep and meaningful way.”

Michelle is a business creativity catalyst, facilitator and coach who has designed and delivered hundreds of programs for entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations such as Microsoft, Deloitte, GEICO, NIH, World Bank, Teach for America, Panasonic, and Kaiser Permanente among others. Her original programs have been featured on TV, the radio and in print. Her passion for the transformative power of storytelling and improv (she spent 10 years performing improvised plays with Precipice Improv) led her to develop Quantum Leap Business Improv. She also founded and curates the Creativity in Business Conference with the next one coming up October 23 in Washington, DC.

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  1. Greetings from Israel-

    I was really looking forward to hearing this recording as due to time zones I was not able to attend the podcast- will you be sending a recording or is it technically unfit at this point>


    Ronnie Dunetz

  2. Disappointing the recording was available for such a short period of time. A message was sent sometime yesterday afternoon that the recording was available – but I didn’t see that message until today and when I check there was already no access to the recording. I knew I’d be unavailable to sit in on the live call – I only registered because we were told there’d be a recording. I won’t bother next time unless I’m available for the live version. 

  3. What a great opportunity for you guys at GetStoried to exercise Listening, Responding & Generosity … it’s a clear call from your Fans to upload the podcast recording again!

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