Social Media Storytelling – Live Video Thur

Live Video Presentation

Join me for free live-streaming video/telecall
on Thursday, May 6 at 1pm EST/10am PST.

The recording is now available – where I discuss strategies for more effective Social Media Storytelling.

This video streaming session is designed to help you see how a more mindful and purposeful approach to Facebook, Twitter, and blogging can dramatically make a difference. You’ll learn some of the key breakthroughs I’ve discovered in the last 18 months. And you’ll be introduced first hand to how this approach can brand your thought leadership and increase your circle of influence.

And I’ll tell you about my upcoming 12 week course – Social Media Jedi.

What’s missing from most discussions is how to use the tools – mindfully, purposefully, and consciously. Thus the name Social Media Jedi. I’m talking more Obi-Wan than Yoda, but a storytelling jedi mindset nonetheless. It’s far too easy to fall prey to the dark side, which is why so many of us stand on the sidelines afraid to really dive in. Yet deep down we sense social media is redefining so much. Quite simply, social media is relationship technology. You need to unlock this secret.

Logistics for Thursday’s Video stream

Make sure to grab your account at (no cost) before coming to the episode so that you can live chat with me and others! If you don’t have access to a computer to view the live video, you can listen via telephone bridge line. But I recommend you listen to the free audio/video feed on your computer. Wouldn’t that be so much cooler?

So mark your calendar. Thursday, May 6 at 1pm NYC for an exploration of Social Media Storytelling.

Story University’s next 12 Week Course

Expanded in features and reduced in price
I’ve added lots more features and value to the 12 week program that starts May 20. Six core modules, six group coaching sessions, a handful of guest experts, lots of templates, worksheets, and exercises. Everything is recorded so you can listen and participate at your own convenience if you miss a live session. A private group site for feedback and peer networking.

In just three months, you will go from feeling like a social media outsider to swimming merrily in the streams. If you want to crack the code in a meaningful way, this program is going to inspire and empower you.

The course I’ve put together is kind of special. 12 weeks of action curriculum that will get you blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and lifestreaming. In a manner that feels safe, authentic and genuine to who you really are. Because we’re all going through adaptive change. Social media offers tools for managing the various evolving threads of your identity, knowledge, and relationships.

Social Media Jedi is built on a foundation of storytelling, personal branding, and finding your true voice. Don’t worry, I’ll also be teaching the technical basics of how to set-up and configure the tools so you can get up and running. You’ll soon discover how social media can simplify and add value to your life — instead of making you feel vulnerable.

I’ve just created a short video about the course while on a recent train ride. watch video here.

Major New Discount Makes it an Affordable Investment

To make the 12-week course more accessible – I’m now offering a huge 60% price reduction for the core program. You just have to sign-up before May 18. When you look at the syllabus and program features, you’ll realize that I’m practically giving away this course for just $99/month. And in fact, I’m going to keep adding more features every week.

Why? It’s my goal to create a program that is worth 10x-20x the price, and becomes a paradigm-busting course in the world of social media trainings.

My motivations are simple, I want everyone to learn the same tools that have made such a transformative difference in my work. And I want people to benefit from an emergent mental model that allows you to use social media as a force for good.

Hope you join me for this unique 12-week program and take advantage of the reduced introductory price. Sign-up now.

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