Rolling Jubilee and our Storytelling Experiment

UPDATE 2/1/13: We’ve raised $99,000 $110,000 thanks to your contributions! 

Here’s something that animates our hope for the future…

Rolling Jubilee started a month ago as a citizen-based crowd-sourcing project that transforms the lives of ordinary citizens through the principle of debt forgiveness. It’s a fascinating true tale that you too can be a part of.

Shocking But True…

Two thirds of personal bankruptcies in America are due to medical debt. Not gambling or credit card debts. Medical debt. Many families that get ill or hurt come out of the ordeal financially bankrupt. So while you might have your health back, you’ve lost the ability to buy a home, get a loan, or just simply get on with life. Just because you got sick or hurt.

Here Comes The Brilliant Social Innovation…

Medical debt operates in a shadow secondary economy. Insurance companies write off these debts as a tax credit, then bundle them up and sell them to collection agencies for just 5 cents on the dollar!

That’s where the visionary folks at Rolling Jubilee come in. They wondered, why don’t we start buying this medical debt (for five cents on the dollar) and clean up the mess the government or healthcare industry won’t do by itself. And they have. So far, Rolling Jubilee has raised $491,078 of contributions which in turn forgives almost $10 million of personal medical debt.

Here’s the beauty: every $5 leverages into $100 of debt forgiveness.

Our Gift to the Get Storied Community

We think this is absolutely brilliant. So we want incentivize your participation with a gift from us – FREE access to our best-selling online storytelling course.

That’s right. Here’s the “feel good” math:

  • Make a $50 contribution to Rolling Jubilee
  • You forgive a $1,000 of a fellow American’s medical debt
  • You get FREE access to The New About Me ($297 value)
  • You generate infinite good karma for the future

This is a “two-fer” of giving. For just $50, you can:

  1. Give the gift of freedom (reduce $1,000 of a stranger’s debt), and
  2. Receive the gift of freedom (free access to our personal brand story course).

How to Claim Your Storytelling Reward 

Go to and make a $50 contribution. Then forward your email receipt to us at It’s that simple.

We’ll then send you instant digital access to the full version our popular e-course The New About Me. We don’t earn a penny from this promotion. This is to empower you to tell your bigger story or gift someone you want to empower.

Need a last minute stocking stuffer? Want to settle your score with Santa? Want to open a way for yourself, your family member, or your friend into a new beginning for the coming year? Here’s a beautiful story you can be a part of.

This is a limited time promotion, so pay it forward and contribute today.

Here is the link again for Rolling Jubilee.

16 thoughts on “Rolling Jubilee and our Storytelling Experiment”

  1. Michael. This is beyond the beyond, as a six year old I know is fond of saying. Thanks for letting me know about Rolling Jubilee. Wow.

  2. I’d heard about Rolling Jubilee on NPR a while back but forgot the name of the organization. It’s just brilliant, and I’m so glad you’re championing this. Thanks so much for the reminder, for promoting the organization, and for your generosity in offering your e-course as an incentive. Count me in!

    1. I was tickled when I found out about this too. And grateful that folks are taking us up on the offer. We’ve already helped generate $18,000 in debt forgiveness in less than 24 hours!

  3. Hey Michael! Awesome program. Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, says it is the beginning of the age of Pacha or the start of love and community spirit. Programs like Rolling Jubilee are certainly part of this shift. Blessings on your solstice

  4. Great work,Michael.Way too long,we have placed our hopes on the politicians to sort out the mess they have created.It is time to get back to true democracy-power to the people!

  5. What a great way to leverage your donations! I’m in, just donated $50!

    I found a good way to leverage my donations through taking advantage of matching donations that businesses or government were offering. I set up a website called to highlight as many as I could and to help people’s donations go twice as far.

  6. Thank you Michael. I look forward to being part of this beautiful approach to writing a new story for those dealing with medical debt while gaining tools to improve our storytelling. Leveraging donations and working with companies who are committed to giving without worrying whether they will get something in return is one of my key intentions for 2013.

  7. I forwarded my receipt immediately after donating to the Rolling Jubilee in Dec and have had no response – even after three additional attempts at trying to get hold of someone. Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem.

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