Practicing What You Preach – My Experiment in Story Blogging

No Greater Gut Check – Getting Ready to Teach.

When I have a group of participants trusting me with their time and energy, I better make sure I can take it to 11. That’s how I roll, you know. Which means, I often have to look at my own gaps and vulnerabilities, especially in telling my own story.

Starting Thursday, I’m teaching a 12-week virtual course on Social Media Storytelling. Based on what I’ve learned in 18 months going from a struggling consultant to a blogger, podcaster, self-publisher author, professor, fashion designer (stay tuned!), I’m confident that my course participants will experience major breakthroughs. Especially considering how storytelling is the linchpin of the equation.

Yet, Here’s the Sober Confession:

I get so busy with work and life, that I don’t blog as religiously as I’d hope. When I do blog, its more of an announcement – an article, upcoming podcast, an archive of the newsletter, etc…There’s useful content (I hope!), but not enough direct conversation and real-time idea mapping. You need to know – the real me.

Starting this week, it’s all going to change. For the next 12 weeks (in parallel with my course), I am going to blog a least one personal musing, stream of consciousness idea a week. That’s right, one a week. Maybe more, but that’s my baseline commitment — to me, and you. I’m turning cyberspace into my gym partner. Feel free to join me in your blog experiment. One personal musing, one revelatory reflection, one kernel of truth – a week. It can be as simple as just speaking from the heart. If you’re going to truly succeed at social media, you need to find your voice. I’d like to think I’ve already found it, but I clearly don’t express and share it enough.

So Much More to Share With You!

The last few months have been exhilarating, exhausting, and downright crazy at times. We’re cooking so much at Get Storied that sometimes I wonder, what was I thinking? Big client projects; growing the team, curriculum development, major keynotes, and a new online magazine in the works. And then I remember, wait, I chose this story! So much for being a victim of this story. It’s all exactly what I wanted (just be careful what you ask for, right?). There are new learnings and insights every day.

So while the future looks bright, I’m not without my foibles and vulnerabilities. Blogging more regularly and personally is one of them, especially as I’m in the midst of teaching a course on Social Media Storytelling. You’ll be hearing more of my personal thoughts and feelings in the coming weeks. That I promise. And hopefully in the process, gain more of a glimpse into the thinking, evolution, and journey of Get Storied.

Thanks for sticking with us, as we stumble into a fast expanding world.

P.S. If you seriously want to join me on the journey, and take your own blogging to the next level, you’ve got just TWO DAYS LEFT to sign up for my 12-week Social Media Storytelling course. Our goal is 30 participants, and we’re just a few registrations shy. Go ahead, make my day! Your bigger story waiting to be told will thank you later.

8 thoughts on “Practicing What You Preach – My Experiment in Story Blogging”

  1. I love this! This is great. I need to do the same with blogging about my unstoppable mission to learn French and take the 12 Week Challenge. Thanks, Michael!

  2. Great idea, Michael. How do you define “story blogging” and how does it align with “personal musing[s], stream of consciousness idea[s]?”

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  4. Thanks Kathy. That's a great question, which I've made the subject of my next forthcoming blog post. Really appreciate you posing the reflective prompt, and look forward to your feedback.

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