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This is re-print of our most recent Story Mojo e-newsletter, including our Weekly Insider story trends and tips.

Welcome to Get Storied 2.0, a new phase in our growth and evolution.

Since October of 2009, more than 4,000 people have purchased or downloaded the storytelling manifesto Believe Me. From advertising executives to social activists, corporate leaders to creatives and entrepreneurs—the outpouring of interest has been far, wide, and at times a bit overwhelming. Dozens of new conversations, opportunities, and collaborations have emerged.

From the hundreds of emails I’ve received, I can see I am not alone in the belief that storytelling is a building block of reality. Change, innovation, re-invention—whether in business or society—is fundamentally achieved through the process of storytelling. Yet how many of us are truly fluent in this vocabulary? At a time of unprecedented complexity and unbounded freedom, we all need the language of storytelling to find the way forward.

Get Storied’s mission is to teach the world how to think in narrative. Over the summer and fall you will see big changes with as it morphs into an online magazine, weekly newsletter, and global hub for the business of storytelling. The story is far greater than myself or any other single individual.  Our goal is to gather the tribe of those who believe in the language of storytelling as a key for re-inventing our world. The changes in the coming months will allow Get Storied to serve thousands and eventually millions of people around the planet.

Thankfully, I won’t be at this alone. In the past month, I’ve recruited four new members to the Get Storied team. You’ll be seeing their creative contributions emerge in the coming weeks. As readers and members of the tribe, you also be invited to take part in helping to shape our evolution through a new guest contributor program and other collaborative opportunities. 

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Here is an outline of the evolving structure and content below:

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  • Mojo Risin’ – updates on Get Storied’s adventures

Published at the start of each week, this new format is dedicated to those who want more regular trends, tools, and how-tos; keeping the pulse of storytelling in all its forms. And don’t worry, if a monthly rhythm is more your bag, you’ll continue to receive this Story Mojo newsletter once a month, with a recap of the most popular trending topics and insight from the past four weeks. 

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I’m honored to be on this journey with you!

Better buckle up,

Finding Your Story

Malcolm Gladwell‘s Outliers thesis—that it takes10,000 hours of practice to master anything—applied to mastering the Internet. (Where else do we spend all our time?) 

From sleep to common sense, use your intuition in storytelling. 
(Source: Jabaldaia’s Blog)

Improv theater launched Tina Fey and other SNL greats, and holds the secret for collaborators to reach peak levels of creativity. 
(Source: Creative Emergence)

Storytelling in Journalism: Video case studies on telling a story in the digital age. 

Great RSA video on what motivates us. The answer will surprise you and corporate America. Also a great visual storytelling example.  


Living in denial: Why sensible people reject the truth. 

Nike’s brilliant video pumping us up for World Cup takes us into the minds and hearts of football stars. Franck Ribéry, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, and more! 
(Source: The Guardian)

It’s summer. The best time to ask: are you hooked on technology? If so, this is your brain on computer. 

Japan’s “honeytrap” trend helps wives win big in divorce. Meet an agency that can trap your husband in an affair to remember. 
(Source: TimesOnline)

We all need help sharing with people what we’ve learned: the latest in effectively transferring project-based knowledge. 

Stories We Love

Mustafa Ahmed, age 12, performs the poem “A Single Rose” at Nelson Mandela Park Public School in Toronto. 

Brian Solis: Top ten ways to become a real media social expert. 

Grant McCracken: What Virgin can learn from Apple and three other thoughts on a plane. 

Need help staying focused in this beautiful BBQ weather (we do!)? Give your business a “spring cleaning.” 

Mojo Risin’

Tune into Get Storied’s live podcast today at 1pm EDT with Jerry Michalski, founder of REX, the Relationship Economy eXpedition, a private, collaborative inquiry into the next economy.

Michael contributed to The Transparent Economy, a report by Volans and the Global Reporting Initiative on the evolution of Corporate Sustainability Practices. Check out his essay on the business of storytelling: Reporting Goes to Hollywood

Have you read Michael’s article series on, a leading online magazine for marketing, design, and culture? You can comment on his latest – Four Storytelling Genres of Brand Re-invention.

Michael will be the keynote speaker at the Bridge Conference (1,400 fundraisers and direct marketers) in Washington, DC on July 27. If you’re in the Tyson’s Corner Area, Michael will also give a public talk that week and giving out complimentary copies of his book Believe Me. Come say hi! We’ll send out details shortly.

You might have heard…the start date for the next Story University course was pushed back to July 22. Our affordable 12-week virtual bootcamp provides a structured approach to Social Media Storytelling, Personal Branding, and Blogging Online. With 16 participants registered, there’s room for 14 more. Check here for more info.