Interview: Christina Baldwin on Self-Reflection as Leadership Tool 05.25.10

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This Episode’s Topic:

Self-reflection as a leadership and storytelling practice.

What is the role and structure of self-inquiry as a path of leadership? We could all use a little help in this department.

Join me with our guest Christina Baldwin, author of many books including StoryCatcher, and a facilitator of peer learning and leadership circles in communities around the globe. 

We’re going to explore the role of narrative as part of the leadership and spiritual equation of life transformation. And we’ll discuss the experience of seeing and being seen. Christina teaches around the world the power of circles as a group device for deeper communications, relationships, and connection. Christina has applied her methods across a wide range of leadership and community-development efforts. She has also written extensively about the story/journaling/identity process.

About Christina Baldwin

Christina BaldwinChristina Baldwin is a writer and seminar presenter of 30+ years experience. She has contributed two classic books to the exploration of journal writing, including the well-known classic, Life’s Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice, revised and reissued in 2007 after 100,000 original sales.

This work led her to a long study of personal growth and group dynamics and as a result of that experience she wrote Calling the Circle, the First and Future Culture to explore how social container releases needed wisdom. In recognition of the requirement for increased spirituality, she wrote The Seven Whispers, A Spiritual Practice for Times Like These.

Her legacy book, Storycatcher, Making Sense of our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story, reminds readers of the necessity of story to communicate in all areas of professional and personal life. Continuing the exploration of collaborative dialogue, Christina and Ann Linnea wrote a new classic, The Circle Way, A Leader in Every Chair, which documents applications of PeerSpirit Circle Process as a foundational tool for local to global change.

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11 thoughts on “Interview: Christina Baldwin on Self-Reflection as Leadership Tool 05.25.10”

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  3. great interview Michael and Christina… YES to how stories connect us and amazing how when conscious to the connect, how the narration for sharing alters. Has been my experience anyway!

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  5. WOW..her wonderful soul speaks to me in many different ways…Truly loved this interview. THANK YOU..I purchased Christina's book (Circle Way) a few weeks ago and it has been collecting dust on my shelf. I will be diving into it soon.

  6. Hi David, I'm sure Christina will be delighted to hear. Her podcast contains many gems of insight and perspective. Glad you had a chance to listen in. Tuesday's session with Jerry Michalski should prove to be equally illuminating.

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  9. Jude Cassel Williams

    Excellent insights and dialogue about storytelling–took me to a new level of appreciating the gift of re-introducing the slower oral traditions as an antedote to sound bites and social media interactions. I have been using story telling to highlight and illuminate my leadership consulting and coaching. I see now that I have much further to go; I intend to buy Storycatcher asap! What a discovery–Christina and The New Storytellers Podcast.

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