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P.S. We’re thrilled to welcome a new client, International Storytelling Center, host of National Storytelling Festival, an epic gathering of 10,000 devoted to the art of performance storytelling. Consider the pilgrimage, October 1-3.

Four Sections to Enjoy:

  • Finding Your Story – tips, insights, and guidance
  • Trending – topical issues viewed from a narrative angle
  • Stories We Love – something to inspire or make you smile
  • Mojo Risin’ – updates on Get Storied’s adventures

Finding Your Story

Must-see Slideshow: The epic love affair between PR and storytelling.
(Source: The Hoffman Agency)

Different times call for different stories. The following Storytelling Matrix helps you sort your context for the right approach.

Mike Bonifer fights for your right to think inside the box—the game is the frame.

Kid stuff: the playful stories that exist in prototypes.


Video: Presentation Prowess: The P.T. Barnum secrets of Steve Jobs.
(Source: YouTube)

This is your brain on Super Mario Bros. The importance of video games as a storytelling genre.
(Source: New York Times)

Conspiracy for Good helps activists leverage transmedia through its global network of “Social Benefit Storytelling.”

From just a site with funny cat pictures, it’s now a web empire that speaks to the silly in all of us.
(Source: New York Times)

Hollywood insider Brian Grazer makes big bet on transmedia storytelling.

In an age rushing towards digital perfection, low fidelity has its place with a different side of the story.

Stories We Love

Video: Abraham Lincoln visits an Iowa strip mall in this intimate portrait across time and space that is sure to inspire.
style>Video:  Abraham Lincoln visits a JCPenney. This intimate portrait across time and space is sure to inspire. (Source:

Ouch! After pouring over 1.5 million words of fund-raising texts from America’s largest charities, researcher Frank Dickerson shows that we’ve got the story all wrong.

The eye of the beholder. An appreciative story can open your mind to fresh perspectives.

Mojo Risin’

Hot Damn! Check out the buffet of opportunities where you can connect with Get Storied.

June 22 – (in case you missed it) Podcast with David Polinchock about brand experience design and the role of emotional connection in telling the story. Listen now.

June 29 – Tufts Nonprofit Roundtable in NYC hosts Michael for a talk on Storytelling for Change-Makers on Tuesday, June 29 at 6:30pm. The event is free, but you must register here.

June 30 – Michael with be on a Social Media panel hosted by the National Society of Hispanic MBAs at Monroe College in New Rochelle, NY. Also free – here’s more info.

July 6 – Next Podcast: Andy Goodman, nonprofit storytelling expert and pioneer; our guest on The New Storytellers. Tues at 1pm EDT. Learn more.

July 15 – Ready for a little Business S & M? On July 15 at 1pm, telecall with Michael about finding your niche thru social media; part of a month long telesummit hosted by Erin Blaskie. Register to listen live for free.

July 22 – Join us for our next course through Story University course designed to help you step out with confidence. This 12-week virtual program provides a mindful approach to Social Media Storytelling. Check here for more info.

July 22 – The Green Entrepreneurs Summit in NYC. Michael presents in the AM on how to tell your sustainability story. Register here.

July 27 – Michael is speaking in DC as the opening keynote speaker for the Bridge Conference (1,400 fundraisers and direct marketers).

July 28 – Tyson’s Corner, VA, at 6:30pm, Michael will deliver an evening talk to local tech entrepreneurs and change-makers. Registration includes complimentary copy Believe Me. Get on the list for more details.

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