Interview: Peter Forbes on Finding Yourself Through Stories of Place 07.20.10


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This Episode’s Topic

You can’t find yourself without knowing where you stand.

The land — our environment — shapes the limits of what we think is or isn’t possible. Even our imaginations are effected by landscape – whether we’re staring at blue open skies or walking through a parched desert. Culture is always shaped and defined by its environment. How we relate to our natural world, speaks volumes of how we relate to ourselves and each other.

For the last nine years, Peter Forbes has pioneered a new approach to community-building by helping leaders reconnect to lessons of the land.  His organization, the Center for Whole Communities, teaches new ways of listening and telling stories. Thousands of leaders have worked with Peter’s organization to reconnect to who they are and what they are here to do. The land is a powerful teacher, a silent witness, available to support and guide us on our journey.

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About Peter Forbes

Peter Forbes is a writer, photographer and conservationist who has dedicated himself to a life-long pursuit of being a witness and storyteller of the bond between people and the land, and to translate what he has learned into a new form of leadership.

As co-founder of Center for Whole Communities he brings his years of knowledge of conservation and environmental awareness to share with the world a new view where the health of the people and the health of the environment are viewed as equal.

Before he embarked on his current path, he successfully helped over one hundred conservation projects become a reality while working with Trust for Public Land. And in 1998, Peter became TPL’s first national fellow and devoted himself to researching and writing about how individual and community relationships with the land can become the seeds for broader social change.

Peter’s photography and essays have appeared in many books and journals. Others have written of Peter’s thinking and storytelling that he is “a national treasure whose groundbreaking work is a stunning reminder of why land conservation is still so important.” He is the editor of Our Land, Ourselves: Readings on People and Place and he is the author of The Great Remembering: Further Thoughts on Land, Soul and Society (TPL/Chelsea Green, 2001). His essays have also appeared in Coming to Land in a Troubled World (Center for Land and People/Chelsea Green) His photographs of homesteader and social activist, Bill Coperthwaite, are published in “A Handmade Life”, which won first prize in 2003 from the Independent Bookseller’s Association for most inspiring story.

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