Interview: David Polinchock on Brand Experience Design 6.22.10


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This Episode’s Topic

What exactly makes for a memorable brand experience? And how is technology changing the context for mastering this equation? Join us for the next episode of The New Storytellers, when we’ll talking with David Polinchock, a pioneer in the field of brand experience design and technology application. David has been an innovation catalyst for over two decades, exploring the socialization of place and the narratives dimensions of branding. David is equally passionate about the merging of our “offline” and “online” selves, and the implications this holds for a brand’s continuum of experiences.

Quoting from David’s website:

“While we may occasionally decide to be offline, most of the time, we move from online to offline fluidly.  I’m out having dinner with my daughter, she asks a question, I go to my phone to find the answer.  I’m in a store and want to check the prices, I use the bar code reader in my phone to get the info I need. Today, brands need to expand the Experience Continuum by thinking oneline. Online + offline. You’ll see, in a few years, everyone will be talking oneline.”

About David Polinchock

David Polinchock has been exploring emerging technologies for 20 years, starting with virtual reality in 1990.  That work continues today, in partnership with leading research labs, exploring emerging technologies that enable companies to create more compelling, authentic and relevant brand experiences.

His work as the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Brand Experience Lab won major awards, including 2 Gold Pencils and his in-cinema work was called “one of the best ideas in the world” by Brandweek.  You may know David from his days writing Experience Manifesto, a blog David wrote for over 5 years. He is a leading voice on the socialization of place and the exploration of how digital technologies will impact the physical space and teaches master classes around the world. The most important experiences are the ones you share with people you love.

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