A Few Case Examples of Reinventing Your Bio

What Does a New Bio Look Like?

A lot of people love the idea of reinventing their bio as a story. Yet, the finished product may be a foreign idea to many of you.

Based on requests, I’ve assembled a few examples of before and after bios from past participants. You’ll notice that each bio make-over has its own style and voice. There is no formula forced upon you in The New About Me. Instead, you learn a set of key storytelling principles and can choose to adapt from a range of different working examples. Here’s a couple case study examples.

Hugh Weber

Hugh is President of Storyline and Curator of the OTA sessions. He is an alumni of Story University and was part of the design team for the Reinvention Summit.

“It may sound strange, and perhaps a bit voodoo spiritual, but working with Michael not only helped me develop a better bio…it actually helped me understand myself better. By exploring my back story and looking at my unique authority in this world, I’ve developed a stronger and smoother way of sharing my personal story and the gifts I have to share with the world.”

– Hugh Weber, President, Storyline; Curator, OTA

Compare the two versions of his bio below, before and after applying some of the principles from The New About Me curriculum.

The Original Bio VS. New Bio

Hugh was in the midst of reinventing his business, which provided the perfect opportunity to re-write his bio. Here is the original version, a well written traditional bio that emphasized in detail his competency in the political campaign world.

The new bio version provides an epic back story (a playful one at that) for why Hugh is so passionate about what he does. Hugh also provides a range of “entry-points” for connection and gives us a glimpse into the extra-ordinary adventures that have shaped his life.


OLD: click for full view
NEW: click for full view


 Mandy Leith

Mandy is a strategic storyteller, social media consultant, and documentary film-maker, and founder of MediaRising.tv and OpenCinema. Mandy participated in one of the first Story University courses, and presented at the Reinvention Summit.

“Working with Michael helped me to connect the dots of my life, turning data into drama! The bio reinvention process has helped me to better understand where I come from, allowing me to evolve more effectively towards the bigger picture that is calling. Highly recommended!”

– Mandy Leith, President, Media Rising, Founder & Program Director, OPEN CINEMA

Compare the two versions of her bio below, before and after applying some of the principles from The New About Me curriculum.

The Original Bio VS. New Bio

You’ll notice there’s nothing wrong with the original bio: it includes a long list of different experiences, accolades, and affiliations. Lots and lots of facts. This is how we’ve been taught how to write our bio. Notice, how much you remember from this original profile?

In the new version, Mandy leads with a back story that helps us to connect with the idea she was born to be a storyteller and synthesizer across culture. She quickly establishes a sense of passion, curiosity, and most importantly – natural authority. Her credentials only serve to reinforce the real character that shines in this new version of her bio. Notice what you remember from this new version. (Note: just the first page of her new bio is included below).


OLD: click for full view
NEW: click for full view


 Eric Frazier

Eric is a forensic psychologist who I met as part Keith Ferrazzi’s Relationship Masters Academy. Eric participated in the Alpha version of The New About Me. You can see how his bio transformed from “good” into a more revealing and connective format.

“Michael Margolis’ curriculum is a journey of self-discovery that re-designs the middle space between yourself and others with a powerful story. The course has been a valuable tool allowing me to relate with others more naturally in person and on-line.  I now have a unique template for my social media presence that is both informative and interesting.”

Eric Frazier, Clinical Forensic Psychologist, Assistant Clinical Professor-Yale Medical School

We experienced a formatting glitch. Eric’s before and after bio versions will be posted shortly!

What Do You Think of these Bio Examples?

Share your feedback and questions.As mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are many ways of reinventing your bio and revealing more of your true self. These examples are meant to illustrate that shift and expose you to some of the techniques in this special curriculum.

Not sure how to get started? 


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  2. Melissa Marie Miko

    WOW! Huge differences! Especially for dear Hugh, the “old” bio was simply awful! I could barely read it…but his new one…makes me want to get to know him,! I read the whole thing and wanted more! what a fabulous job you’ve done.

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