5 Fantastic Reasons to Attend Story Blueprint Intensive

Are you facing a tremendous challenge? Do you need to grow or reposition your organization? What if you could walk in to work one day with a giant roll of blueprints for change under your arm? Detailed, step-by-step plans to help you manage the incredibly complex process of communicating a new story?

That’s exactly what our Story Blueprint 2-Day Intensive, happening July 10-11 in NYC is designed to give you. You’ll learn the best possible ways to lead your organization toward the new future you envision. Here are 5 reasons you should be making your plans now for Story Blueprint.

1. You have a multimillion dollar campaign planned for the fall.

Putting a massive new piece of your business into play requires careful thought and intensive planning. It’s like planning to get a team of new hikers ready to take on Denali. Not only will you need to train everyone for the physical demands, but there are funds to be raised, lists of supplies and equipment to be purchased and tested, routes to be determined, and contingency plans to create. With so much at stake, nothing can be left to chance.

At the Story Blueprint 2-Day Intensive, you’ll learn the same methods that preserved funding for a $22 million NASA education program and repositioned the brand and business model of a Hawaii’s largest women’s nonprofit. Whether you’re working for social change or about to dig in to a massive ad campaign, this workshop will help you create a storytelling blueprint that can mean the difference between “good” and “astonishingly successful.”

2. You’re championing a major change initiative and need to create buy-in in your organization.

You already know your organization or business needs to change, but it’s critical that everyone else understand why the need for change is now. If you don’t create buy-in, your initiative may not succeed. You’ll be drawing on your stored-up bank account of credibility and trust, and you’re going to need some persuasive evidence that will take your team from believing this is your project to claiming it as their own.

You’ll learn the same methods that created buy-in for the $115 million reinvention of a Marriott brand at the Story Blueprint 2-Day Intensive, and you’ll hear and learn from other change agents working on similar projects as you. This is high-impact learning, with action-oriented coaching, support, and plenty of energy and excitement that will send you out ready to rally the troops for change!

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3. You want to build storytelling as an organizational capability that can be used by your business.

Why is it that an old one-liner from Rodney Dangerfield can make us smile and feel completely connected with anyone else who’s heard it? It’s the power of a shared story, and even the smallest stories can have tremendous power. Great communication changes the way people feel and influences the way we behave. You can engage people more completely and emotionally in your mission if you use effective storytelling.

And how powerful could your organization’s mission become if everyone who was a part of your team could tell the kind of story that caused more and more people to adopt your brand’s values and message? This is not a typical workshop on performance storytelling or how to share a better anecdote. This is a specialized course on the strategic bigger picture application of storytelling. In this intensive workshop, you will be empowered to craft a plan for transforming your organization by giving your people the power of story.

4. You are trying to reposition your firm in the marketplace and in the process create greater distinction.

How your company is positioned in the marketplace largely determines your success. Your positioning ultimately establishes the prices you can charge and the people you impact. If you’ve added new products or leadership, shifted directions, or face an evolving market, you may need to lead your company through a repositioning in order to take advantage of the changes to become better, more effective, and nimble.

If everyone in your company can tell the same compelling story about what your company does and how you’re different from others, you are in a great place to create new positioning for your organization. This workshop is specifically designed to help you get there.

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5. You want to connect with a community of like-minded peers and inspiring entrepreneurs

Reinvention, realignment, repositioning…Change on an organizational scale is messy and difficult. Ever feel like you’re the only one struggling in the trenches to bring your powerful new story to life? Whatever innovative, visionary new story you’re fighting for, you’ll meet others who are doing the same at this 2-day intensive Story Blueprint workshop. You’ll also experience powerful action-oriented coaching so that you not only walk away with an actual blueprint of your story, you’ll also walk away with new peers and friendships that can make the difference between feeling lost in the desert versus traveling with a merry band of pranksters on an electric cool-aid bus.

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This is the first time this storytelling methodology is being made available in a 2-day intensive format. A comparable workshop of this depth and business value would easily cost you $2,000+. In contrast, clients have paid 20-50x that amount for access to the same thinking and process. You have the chance to interact and learn from me directly at a fraction of the price. This workshop is limited to a small number of applicants in order to provide the highest value for those who participate.

The first early-bird special is already gone, but we’ve extended pricing on $997 price. The next 4 3 registrants can secure a seat in the Story Blueprint Intensive for only $997, a savings of slightly more than half of the standard price. Once those 4 3 seats go, the price goes up to $1,297.

You have a lot at stake. If you have questions about the Story Blueprint, please click here to contact Jodi and get the answers you need so that you can find out if this intensive workshop is right for your organization!

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